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Foundation Stage Year 1 Year 2

1 Using and applying mathematics

Use developing mathematical ideas and methods to solve practical problems

Solve problems involving counting, adding, subtracting, doubling or halving in the context of numbers, measures or money, for example to 'pay' and 'give change'

Change Exchanger (up to 50p)

Make this menu (Kent ICT) and then use it in role play

Solve problems involving addition, subtraction, multiplication or division in contexts of numbers, measures or pounds and pence

Airline Grouping

Change Exchanger (up to 50p)

Change Exchanger (up to £2)

Match sets of objects to numerals that represent the number of objects Describe a puzzle or problem using numbers, practical materials and diagrams; use these to solve the problem and set the solution in the original context Identify and record the information or calculation needed to solve a puzzle or problem; carry out the steps or calculations and check the solution in the context of the problem

Sort objects, making choices and justifying decisions

Sock Pairs (Kent ICT)

Answer a question by selecting and using suitable equipment, and sorting information, shapes or objects; display results using tables and pictures Follow a line of enquiry; answer questions by choosing and using suitable equipment and selecting, organising and presenting information in lists, tables and simple diagrams

Talk about, recognise and recreate simple patterns 

Beads (Kent ICT)

Describe simple patterns and relationships involving numbers or shapes; decide whether examples satisfy given conditions

100 hunt (find number on 100 sq)

Describe patterns and relationships involving numbers or shapes, make predictions and test these with examples
Describe solutions to practical problems, drawing on experience, talking about their own ideas, methods and choices Describe ways of solving puzzles and problems, explaining choices and decisions orally or using pictures

Present solutions to puzzles and problems in an organised way; explain decisions, methods and results in pictorial, spoken or written form, using mathematical language and number sentences

Magic Square (Kent ICT)

2 Counting and understanding number

3 Knowing and using number facts

4 Calculating

5 Understanding shape

6 Measuring

7 Handling data

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