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The Dinosaur's Eggs - Phonics

Practise reading words using phonics.

(Ages 5 and up)

APOLOGIES: This particular game does not currently work on iOS devices. I'm working on it at the moment.

Children in school learn to read and spell some words through the use of phonics.
Phonics lessons often include a new phoneme (sound) pattern for the children to learn. This game groups words by their phoneme. Select a pattern, listen to the word and select the correct egg. Each correct answer gets a scratch on the tree. Each round has ten words. Incorrect answers will be displayed at the end.

iOS iPad App:
If you'd like a phonics based spelling game for iPad, why not have a look at this App... Please note, Forest Phonics is paid, not free.

Forest Phonics
If you'd like a spelling game but want to add your own words, why not have a look at this App... Please note, LCWC is paid, not free.

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