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Snowman Sums (part-part-whole)

Part - part - whole, addition facts.
Aimed at Y1 & Y2.
    Learning Objective:
  • Y1: To add and [subtract] one-digit and two-digit numbers to 20, including zero
  • Y2: To recall and use addition [and subtraction] facts to 20 fluently

Aim: to collect as many snowballs as you can for the big snowball fight at the end. Each maths fact = 1 snowball.

Look at the number on the big snowman. Then make that number in two parts, one on each little snowman.
Press ‘I’ve done it!’ every time you’ve made the big number.
Then keep making the same number in different ways to get more snowballs.
(You need to collect 6 snowballs / maths facts before you can go to the snowball fight).

Only press the ‘Press to change’ button if you want to use a different target number, e.g. easier or harder.

Have fun!

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