Robin Hood Archery Doubles

Robin Hood Archery Doubles is a mobile-friendly doubling game.

LO:(Doubling is not specifically mentioned in the UK Maths Curriculum, but is referred to as part of the addition facts)

Y1:To know by heart doubling facts up to 10 + 10.
Y2:To know by heart doubling facts for multiples of 10.
Y2:To add two 2-digit numbers mentally.

Level One: Doubles up to 10 + 10.
Level Two: Double multiples of 10 up to 100 + 100.
Level Three: Double and number up to 109.

Read the doubling facts then press the correct number on the target. If you're correct you will score an arrow on the right-hand-side.
Barrels contain 10 apples.

Have fun!

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