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Bean Bun Panda

Count items up to 10.

Learning objectives:

  • EYFS: To count objects, actions and sounds.
  • EYFS: Subitize
  • EYFS: Link the number symbol (numeral) to its cardinal number value.
Bean bun panda is waiting to be fed.
Click the panda and he will roll away to reveal a bowl of bean buns.
Count how many there are and click the correct number on the bamboo.
If you are correct you can count the bean buns as they fly into the panda's mouth.
If you get it wrong the panda will shake his head.

The game will refresh after a correct answer.
Have fun! NB: Problems with sound - currently some of these games lose their sound if you open another tab. I don't quite know what's causing this, but am investigating. If you lose sound and want it to return you may need to refresh this page.

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