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Bee More or Less

Find one more or one less than a number up to 10, (and then 20).

Learning objectives:

  • EYFS: Understand the ‘one more than/one less than’ relationship between consecutive numbers.
  • Y1: When given a number, identify one more and one less.
  • Y1: To add and subtract one-digit (and two-digit) numbers to 20, (including zero).
Granny is counting her bees.
She tells you how many bees are in the first hive.
Then she tells you the other have has one more or one less.
Enter the number; if you get it wrong you can press the 'x' to reset.
If you get it wrong you're given time to drag the bees to help you inderstand the answer.

If you want to reset the score for another player you'll need to refresh the page.
Have fun! NB: Problems with sound - currently some of these games lose their sound if you open another tab. I don't quite know what's causing this, but am investigating. If you lose sound and want it to return you may need to refresh this page.

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