Letters & Sounds Bingo

A bingo game linked to Letters & Sounds.
Aimed at YR, Y1 & Y2.
    Learning Objective:
  • To blend sounds when reading.

This is a bingo game you can play whole-class or in a small group. It makes bingo cards and then plays the game.

First select the tab for the phase of Letters & Sounds you are working on.
Then select the sounds you've been teaching or wish to review. You will need to select about 3 groups, possibly more as you need 30 wods to play.
NB: All the words are taken from Letters & Sounds so you can be confident of their suitability.
When you have enough words the printer button will appear. There are 10 different bingo cards, so you may need to print 3 copies for whole-class play.

Finally press 'go'.

Classroom interactive displays are all different, so as you play you can select different colour tabs, (arranged along the top) to choose the clearest view for your class.

When one of your children calls 'Bingo' you can select the 'Words So Far' button to check they're right. The words are listed in alphabetical order for easier searching.

Have fun!

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