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Bonds of 10 Rhyme

A silly rhyme to help learn numbers that make 10

An extremely effective rhyme for learning the ways of making 10. I was first taught a similar version by the marvellous Mrs Finch and it worked so well I've used it ever since! Thank you Mrs Finch!

I like that it's silly and easy to remember. Best of all it's like banking a shared memory for the future. If a child years later is working on bridging through 10 moving from 48 to 50. I can just say "Hmmm and 8 feeling great!" and they know what I mean.
Also great as something to do when your Y1 class is waiting in the corridor and in need of a focus.

It was very tricky to draw the actions so...

Description of the actions:

  • 10+0 Stand on one leg, raise one arm and place the other on your hips, like Superman
  • 1+9 Give one thumb up
  • 2+8 Give two thumbs up
  • 3+7 Draw an imaginary halo above your head
  • 4+6 Make a hat with one curved arm, then make a rabbit pop out with the other hand
  • 5+5 Let's boogie!

Have fun!

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