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Bottle Take Away

A tablet-friendly subtraction game.

Learning objectives:
Y1: Pupils should be taught to identify (one more and) one less, when given a number.
Y1: Pupils should be taught to subtract one-digit (and two-digit numbers) to 20.

Sing 'Ten Green Bottles' as you click on the bottles to let them smash to the floor.
Shout 'ANGRY CHEF!' if you see the annoyed cook stomping through the restaurant.
The '+' and '-' buttons are there for you to reset the number of bottles. This can be done at any time.

Learning activity:
Why not try singing '21 green bottles', then hide the number on the blackboard to see if the children know the number that is one less.

Give each child a drywipe board. Sing the song then pause when you sing '... and if one green bottle should accidentally fall, there'll be...', and the children hold their drywipe board under their noses to show one less.


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