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Cafe Cuisenaire

Recall addition facts within 10.


  1. Read the orders as they come in. You can fulfill them in any order.
  2. Press on the plus on the RHS to collect ingredients (10 bar).
  3. Use the triangles to chop the ingredients.
  4. Pro tip: If you press the plus again you can store pre-cut ingredients on the shelves.
  5. Make a sandwich for the number, e.g. a 7 sandwich may have 7 as two slices of bread and 3 and 4 as filler.
  6. Press on the order to send it to the customer.
  7. The big 'x' on th left-hand-side is for clearing the plate if you've gone wrong.
  8. There is gravity above the plate so you can drop sandwich pieces on the left-hand-side.

If you're playing the timed game:

  1. You have 3 minutes to make as many sandwiched as you can.
  2. There will never be more than 6 customers waiting.
  3. The new orders come faster over time. The first three orders are quite leisurely so you can get comfortable.
  4. Every time you serve another 3 sandwiches you'll find the game gets just a little faster.
  5. The slow day has 70 seconds between customers; the busy day has just 50 seconds between customers.
  6. The customers will give you a tip if you serve them before their patience runs out.
  7. If it's getting easy try the 'busy day' check box. The orders come in faster and the customers have less patience.

If you're playing the game with no timer:

(Thank you to Simon Gregg for suggesting this version!)
  1. You have can take it easy, making as many sandwiches as you want.
  2. The pace does not change in this game.
  3. The customers never lose patience, this game is open-ended and will continue until you close the cafe.
  4. New customers arrive every 70 seconds. There will never be more than 6 customers waiting.

Have fun!

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