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Caption Clips

One minute videos to get you writing.

Made for EYFS and Year 1.
No more hunting for photos to teach the Letters & Sounds 'Captions' activity.

Watch the video clip.

Turn to your partner and talk about what you can see.

Decide on a caption, (adults please press on the eye to check).

Say the phrase 3 times.

Write the caption on drywipes.

Then mark it together.

There's a help video here if you want to see more detail.

Have fun!

Phase 2, L&S Sets 1-4:

  1. pat a dog
  2. a cat in a hat
  3. a sad man
  4. a pin on a map
  5. pots and pans
  6. dad and nan
  7. a nap in a cot
  8. a kid in a cap
  9. a tin can
  10. cats and dogs

Phase 2, L&S Sets 1-4 + to, the:

  1. a red rug
  2. get to the top
  3. socks on a mat
  4. a cap on a peg
  5. a run in the sun
  6. rats on a sack
  7. a pup in the mud
  8. run to the den
  9. mugs and cups
  10. an egg in an egg cup

Phase 2, L&S Sets 1-5 + to, the, no, go:

  1. a hug and a kiss
  2. on top of the rock
  3. a bag of nuts
  4. to huff and puff
  5. go to the log hut
  6. a hot hob
  7. sit back to back
  8. a duck and a hen
  9. a cat on a bed
  10. to the top of the hill
  11. get off the bus
  12. no lid on the pan
  13. pack a pen in a bag
  14. a doll in a cot
  15. a cat and a big fat rat

Phase 3, Captions from L&S:

  1. tools in the shed
  2. ships in port
  3. boats on the river
  4. fish and chips on a dish
  5. a goat and a cow
  6. sixteen trees
  7. looking at books
  8. the light of a torch
  9. digging in the soil
  10. goats in a farmyard

Phase 3, L&S Vowel Graphemes:
(Captions not from L&S)

I made up these captions as none exist in Letters and Sounds for this purpose. Apologies if they are strange. It was a tricky to balance things children would recognise with things that used age-appropriate graphemes.
  • ch  -chicken and chips
  • sh  -rush to the shops
  • th  -think of three things in the bath
  • ng  -a king with wings
  • ai  -a snail on a train
  • ee  -a tree with knees
  • igh  -a bright light in the night
  • oa  -a toad with her soap
  • oo  -look at a good book
  • oo  -a spoon on the moon
  • ar  -a car park at the market
  • or  -a stork with a fork
  • ur  -turn it or it will burn
  • ow  -a cow with a crown
  • oi  -a coin in the soil
  • ear  -a tear in my beard
  • air  -a pair of chairs
  • er  -a letter on a ladder
I didn't make one for 'ure' as I couldn't think of anything suitable!

Phase 4, CVCC / CCV / CCVC / CCVCC / CCCVC & CCCVCCC words

All words taken from the bank of suggested words on pages 126-128 of Letters & Sounds.
  1. A bench with springs.
  2. A chimp with a chest.
  3. A chimp swims in the sink.
  4. A clock stood on a wooden chest.
  5. A crab in a crack in the rock.
  6. A drip drops from a tap.
  7. A frog sniffs a skunk.
  8. A gran with a spear.
  9. A lunchbox on the shelf.
  10. A roast chicken sandwich.
  11. A shark jumps into a tree.
  12. A tent next to the pond.
  13. A thrush in a nest.
  14. A trail left by a snail.
  15. A windmill in the sandpit.
  16. He was afraid of thunderstorms.
  17. She banged on a big drum.
  18. She slept in the treetops.
  19. Stan went to get fresh fish.
  20. The clown had a crash.
  21. The frog swam across the pool.
  22. The frost is melting on the bench.
  23. The man burnt the toast.
  24. The train stopped in the fog.
  25. The truck went up the steep stairs.
  26. Trisha took a book from the shelf.
  27. Twigs snapping in the wind.
  28. Will you brush my hair?
  29. HAVING TROUBLE LOADING? Please try this version.

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