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Complements Cuisenaire

Make 100, learn to calculate complements to 100

Learning Objectives:

  • Ready to Progress Criteria for the end of Y3: 3AS-1 Calculate complements to 100

Instructions: - Practise making 100

  1. Read the calculation on the RHS.
  2. Look at the Cuisenaire rods on the LHS.
  3. How many do we need to complete the row of 10.
  4. Cut the bar at the top of the screen to complete the next 10.
  5. Now press the "+10" button to add enough tens to complete 100.
  6. Press white boxes in the calculation on the RHS to fill in the missing digits.
  7. Press 'enter'. If you're correct you'll see the next calculation.
  8. This game is designed to build understanding and confidence. There is no end.

Instructions: - 2 Minute Quiz

  1. The green line across the top shows you how much time there is left.
  2. Read the calculation; what's the missing number?
  3. Type using the onscreen keypad or your keyboard.
  4. You've 2 minutes to answer as many correctly as you can.
  5. Good luck!

Have fun!

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