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Cosy Cat

To add and subtract within 100

Learning Objectives:

  • Ready to Progress Criteria for the end of Y2: (AS3) To add and subtract within 100


  1. There are three shelves, each with a numberline underneath.
  2. Drag the numberline to answer the first question.
  3. If you're correct the cat will climb up to the next level and the next numberline will be revealed.
  4. Each numberline adds/takes away the same amount to build confidence in using number facts to solve problems with larger numbers.
  5. What do you notice about the differences? Can you explain why the ones digit has stayed the same? What do you notice about how the tens digit has changed?
  6. When you complete the third question the cat will walk across the shelf. She will knock one object off.
  7. The game is over when there are no more objects left on the top shelf.
This game is based on a super idea in the NCETM Exemplification of Ready To Progress Criteria for Year 2, (link here).

Have fun!

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