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Counting Caterpillar

Counting Caterpillar is a mobile friendly number ordering game, suitable for 4 to 7 years olds.
Practise ordering consecutive and non-consecutve numbers (numbers not next to one another). Use your knowledge of place value to put numbers in the correct order from the smallest to the largest.

Step 1: Choose a minimum number.
Step 2: Choose a maximum number.

The small sliders give you a smaller number range, suitable for 4-6 year olds, whilst the larger sliders give you an option to play with numbers up to 9000, (more suited to 6-8 year olds).

If you want to use consecutve numbers you can take the tick out of the red check box, (this can be especially useful if you want to order numbers through the 100s barrier, e.g. 198-202).

Step 3: Press 'go'.

Then drag the leaf buds onto the branch in the correct order. A correctly completed branch will encourage a caterpillar to eat your leaves and transform into a butterfly!

Those of you with eagle eyes might spot the butterfly's bedtime reading, 'Butterfly Basics'.

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