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5 Minute Phonics

Practise blending sounds that you've learned.

Like to keep your phonics words in tidy sets? Don't want to mix them up? This tool makes word cards for you in mixed sets so you don't have to make a mess of yours.

It's an ideal end to a phonics session or a positive use of 5 minutes before hometime/lunch.

  1. Choose 2 or more sounds that you have been learning. The word list is created and shuffled for you.
  2. A word comes down from the top.
  3. It waits 3 seconds so that you can look for the special friends or count the sound buttons. (I did have this set to 5 seconds but it slowed the tool down. If you wish it were slower please do email me).
  4. After 3 seconds the sound buttons appear. They are pressed for you so the children can call out each phoneme
  5. Then the word pops out - time to blend the sounds to make the word.
  6. If you're in auto mode the word will slide off on its own, otherwise press on the triangles to send the word off.
  7. A new word comes on automatically from the top.
NB: The 'auto' mode check box disappears and then reappears. I know that's frustrating! I had to do this to ensure the sequence ran smoothly, sorry!

Have fun!

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