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Funny Fingers

Make and combine amounts up to 5 + 5

  • Count objects, actions and sounds
  • Subitise
  • Link the number symbol (numeral) with its cardinal number value
  • Explore the composition of numbers to 10
  • Automatically recall number bonds for numbers 0–10
A tool to support clear modelling of addition with young children.


  1. Press on the fingers to open each one.
  2. Rude finger gestures are blocked, hence you might find a certain finger won't go up on its own. Similarly it won't be left up on its own. (This functionality is actually quite annoying really, sorry! I just couldn't risk it interfering with a lesson).
  3. Press on the 'add hand' button to see the maths sentence and combined total.
  4. You can change the skin tone at any time by selecting one of the three dots.

Have fun!

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