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Gattegno Chart

A plave value demonstration tool

  1. Use the little triangles on the LHS at the bottom to set the lowest value.
  2. Use the little triangles on the LHS at the top to set the highest value.
  3. Click on the chart to select a number; your place value arrow card is placed automatically at the bottom.
  4. Click again if you want to deselect a number.
  5. Colour wheel: The arrow cards are colour-coded, uncheck to set to one flat grey.
  6. Radio buttons: Use the radio buttons to swap between the Gattegno Chart and a Place Value Chart.
  7. Speech bubble: Writes the number in words, (disables all buttons, but not the arrow cards, until the text window is closed).
  8. The columns of the chart match the highest and lowest of the Gattegno Chart.
  9. You can drag the arrow cards around. The coloured button at the top, in the middle, returns the cards to their start position.

Have fun!

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