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Happy Hamsters (ages 3+)

A repeating cycle of 5 early number games

Choose whether you want to work with 1 to 5 or 1 to 9.
There are 5 activities which keep playing without end.
  1. Count the hamsters, (1:1 correspondence and cardinal aspect)
  2. Follow the hamster, (digit formation)
  3. Seed trays, (no time for counting, estimate more/less/fewer)
  4. Order the logs, (ordinal numbers)
  5. Loo roll, find the numbers

Have fun!

More detail about the Seed Tray game:
As you play you progress through different ratios on the trays. It begins with 1/4, then 1/3, then 1/2, 2/5, 3/5, 2/3 and finally 3/4.


Thank you to...
Laurie Bloomfield who was kind enough to contact me and recommend that I make an Approximate Numbers Sense game. Laurie also directed me to Professor Van Herwegen's work. Thank you Laurie!

Professor Jo Van Herwegen, (UCL, London) whose research & YouTube presentations I read/watched in preparation for making this game. Thank you Professor Van Herwegen!

Also thank you to both Laurie and Jo for reviewing this game and making suggestions to make it much better.

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