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Home Time Ladybirds

Match the number of spots on the ladybird to the house numbers.

Learning objectives:

  • EYFS: Count objects, actions and sounds.
  • EYFS: Subitise.
  • EYFS: Link the number symbol (numeral) with its cardinal number value.
It's time to go home...
Drag the ladybirds to the correct houses, (the maximum number of spots is 9).
There may be more than one ladybird for each house.
Correct answers will allow the ladybird to open the door and enter the house, heart-shaped smoke will come out of the chimney.
The houses and their number range change every seven goes.
Children will need to use their number facts and subitise to quickly work out the total on each ladybird.

Have fun!

Variation in representation:

This game includes multiple representations of each number. All of the arrangements require subitising; some may require use of number facts, e.g. 4 + 3 = 7. This list shows how many variants there are for each number.
  1. 1 ladybird
  2. 1 ladybird
  3. 4 different ladybirds
  4. 6 different ladybirds
  5. 5 different ladybirds
  6. 6 different ladybirds
  7. 4 different ladybirds
  8. 4 different ladybirds
  9. 7 different ladybirds
  10. 4 different ladybirds

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