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Loo, Cover, Write, Check

Practise spelling tricky words/common exception words:

Some words don't fit with the phonics that the children have learnt so far. These tend to be called 'Tricky Words' or 'Common Exception Words'. This game supports children in learning to spell those words in a silly theme.

You can type in your own homework words!

Or you can choose from the Year group menus.

Choosing Words - Instructions:

  1. Choose a year group toilet roll.
  2. Then pull up/down on the big toilet roll to scroll through the words.
  3. Press the green arrow to send a word to your list.
  4. Once you have 5 or more words in your list you can press 'go'. (Your words will be saved for next time too).
  5. The little bins beside the words let you remove one word from your list.
  6. To clear the whole list quickly there's a button at the top of the screen saying, 'clear all saved words'.

Playing the game - Instructions:

  1. Read the word on the toilet lid.
  2. Start to spell that word by dragging paper from the top shelf. The lid will hide the word as soon as you begin.
  3. When you think you're ready press the flush button to check your spelling.
  4. If you are correct the toilet will flush and reveal a new word.
  5. You can change which country you are in by pressing on the snazzy loo-roll character.
  6. When you are finished the reward game will begin.

Loobrush Lasers (Reward Game) - Instructions:

  1. You are inside the loo with a loobrush laser.
  2. The aim is to shoot the bugs before they climb out of the loo.
  3. Your laser is aimed at a toilet freshener.
  4. Use the arrow keys or the slider to aim the laser.
  5. Press the SPACE bar of the 'zap' button to fire the laser.
  6. If the bugs reach the top you lose a bit of your health.
  7. The game ends when your health is exhausted.
  8. The score is not saved, only the words you chose are saved and only on the device you are currently using.

Have fun!

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