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Car Crusher

Bridge Forwards & Backwards To Multiples of 10

Ready To Progress Criteria:
  • Year 1: 1NPV-2: Reason about the location of numbers to 20 within the linear number system
  • Year 2: 2NPV-2: Reason about the location of any two-digit number in the linear number system, including and next multiple of 10.
  • Year 2: 2NPV-2: Secure fluency in addition and subtraction facts within 10, through continued practice.
  • Year 3: 3NF-1: Secure fluency in addition and subtraction facts that bridge 10, through continued practice.


  1. Look at the number on the green sign, (the one with the arrow).
  2. Which way is it facing? Find the last / next multiple of ten. Press on the red/circular sign
  3. How far is it to that multiple of ten? Use your bonds of ten.
  4. If you're right the monster truck will crush the cars. You'll be able to see what we've done on the number track.
  5. You might notice that the truck finishes on the last number when we're adding but not when we're taking away. Why is that? What do you know about using a number track?

Have fun!

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