Place Value Pieces

A place value demonstration tool.

Learning Objectives:
Y2: To know what each digit in a 2-digit number represents.
Y2: To use place value and number facts to solve problems.
Y2: To record + and - in columns.
Y2: To add and subtract numbers using concrete objects, including:

  • a two-digit number and 1s
  • a two-digit number and 10s
  • 2 two-digit numbers
  • adding 3 one-digit numbers
Drag the Deinnes blocks fro the left-hand side. Create any 3-digit number.
The bin gutter area only removes the pieces once you've pressed on the bin button. Otherwise they are left in the gutter area to model how much you have taken away.
Select a piece then press on the split button to split that piece into smaller pieces.
Pressing the connect button will connect ones back into tens and tens back into hundreds.

This resource is especially useful for modelling the decomposition of number during vertical subtraction.

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