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Partition Portal

Travel across the galaxy using addition facts

Quick recall of number facts is an essential skill in building confidence and fluency in maths. Without it children can lose time when completing multi-step higher-order operations; increasing the likelihood

Learning Objectives:

  • Y1: Represent and use number bonds [and related subtraction] facts within 20
  • Y2: Solve problems with addition [and subtraction] using concrete objects and pictorial representations
  • Y2: show that addition of two numbers can be done in any order (commutative)
  • Y3: Add [and subtract] numbers mentally, including a three-digit number and ones/tens/hundreds
  • Y5: Add [and subtract] numbers mentally with increasingly large numbers
  • Y6: Perform mental calculations, [including with mixed operations] and large numbers


  1. Choose a number range. (I would recommend doing the up to 19 with all ages ** as it is a key skill and quite distinct from the other levels).
  2. A red planet will appear. Press and hold with your finger or the mouse. You will see a way of making that number. Repeat...
  3. As you press try to remember the ways that the number was partitioned.
  4. Then you're in your spaceship.You need to make the correct total to jump through the next portal.
  5. Make the total 7 or 8 times and you'll jump through the portal. (Extra numbers are given if you run out).
  6. Numbers that you have chosen will turn blue. You can also see a list of them on the left hand side.
  7. If you go over the total you will crack the glass in your cockpit (up to 12 times)
  8. Make the jump 5 times to finish the game.

Have fun!

**The 'up to 19' is probably the most difficult because of how it partitions the number. The higher levels make much more use of place value, bonds of 10 and doubles in partitioning, leaving the player working with 'friendly numbers' such as multiples of ten and one hundred. The 'up to 19' level breaks the target number into smaller number facts. Confidence in these facts is invaluable later on. It is an area known to be a problem for Y7 children, slowing them down when tackling new, more advanced skills. Number facts don't look advanced, they don't look tricky but they are and continue to need effort and practice just as much as times tables.

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