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Sock Sort

Matching socks with different colours,sizes and patterns

3 and 4-year-olds will be learning to:

  • Talk about and identify the patterns around them. For example: stripes on clothes, designs on rugs and wallpaper. Use informal language like ‘pointy’, ‘spotty’, ‘blobs’, etc.

Sock Sort

There's a pile of socks on the floor and its your job to pair up them up. Match them for size, pattern and colour.
Click anywhere on the start screen to begin.
Drag a sock onto the chest of drawers and then drag on its match pair
If you get it wrong the socks will return to the pile.
If you match the paisr correctly then they will be put away in the drawers.
If you correctly match the whole pile you will receive a trophy and more socks will appear.
The game is finished after you have collected five trophies.

Have fun!

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