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Sound Sayer

Practise blending for reading

This tool is intended to support whole-class or small group phonics teaching or to support parents/carers when supporting their child at home.

Why use it?

You can watch the lips form the sounds.
You can share grapheme-phoneme correspondence, (ideal for sharing sounds with busy parents/carers).
You don't have to prepare your own decodable words, this game does it for you.


  1. Choose a phase (Letters & Sounds) from the top of the sound chart/poster.
  2. Choose a sound to teach/practise.
  3. Wait for the pencil to write the grapheme.
  4. When the flash card stops moving you can press the sound button to hear the phoneme.
  5. The press on the '...' at the bottom of the card to see the grapheme in some words, (words taken from Letters & Sounds).
  6. Press on the dots and dashes to blend the sounds.
  7. 'Kiss goodbye' to the sounds/words when you want to remove them.
  8. NB: You can't change sounds or phases until all words/sounds have been closed/kissed goodbye.

Have fun!

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