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Special Space Jumps

A fun game to teach/practise bridging through ten.

Thank you to Karen Gray from The Craylands School in Kent for suggesting the original game back in 2006!

Learning Objectives:

  • Y1: To represent and use number bonds and related subtraction facts within 20
  • Y1: To add [...] one-digit and two-digit numbers to 20, including zero
  • Y2: To recall and use addition [...] facts to 20 fluently, and derive and use related facts up to 100
  • Y2: To add and subtract numbers using concrete objects, pictorial representations, and mentally, including a two-digit number and ones...

Steps involved:

  1. Partition the addend using number facts
  2. Which fact will get you to the next 10?
  3. Jump to the next ten
  4. How much is left to add (check the 10 frame)?
  5. Add it on, where did you get to? That's the answer!


  1. The astronaut needs to get back to her rocket.
  2. The rock is a safe place to hide from the alien.
  3. Jump to the safe place, then jump to the rocket.
  4. Press on the '+' buttons and type in the jumps.
  5. Each correct step is counted in your score.
  6. An incorrect step will see you eaten by the alien and then sent back to the start, (aliens don't like spacesuits!).

Have fun!

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