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Take Me To Your Reader

The visitors from space can't read. Can you teach them?

Read the word and show the alien what it means.

  1. Choose a Phase 2 set of sounds or up to 3 sets from Phase 3
  2. Press 'go' if you've selected Phase 3. ('Go' lights up as soon as there's enough words to play the game.)
  3. The alien shows you a word they need to read.
  4. Read the word then select the correct picture.
  5. There are 3 scenes:
    • The space ship hovering over a road.
    • Inside the space ship.
    • In the bath (sorry, includes some trumping noises!)
  6. There are 3 questions per scene and the scenes repeat so that the player reads 18 words in total.
  7. Correct answers are shown on the LHS with a green circle.
  8. Incorrect answers are shown with an orange circle. You can click on this to see which words caused the children trouble.
Apologies to 'Aliens Love Underpants' by Claire Freedman. My classes loved this book. You might spot a reference in there!!

Have fun!

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