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Ten Less Shoot Out

Find 10, 20, 30 less

Learning Objectives:

  • Y1: To subtract two-digit numbers to 20, including zero
  • Y2: To count in steps of ten from any number, forward and backward
  • Y2: To subtract two two-digit numbers mentally
You are taking a penalty shoot out. (The other team never gets a go!) Your opponent has two goalies, a boy and a girl.

They're in Norwich City colours as ictgames is made in Norfolk. My family are from Accrington so ...

Read the number sentence in the goal and then kick the ball with the correct answer.

If you're right the ball will get past the goalie. If you're wrong then the ball will be saved by the goalie.

The numbers on the right-hand side are your score at the top and the number of rounds at the bottom.

The '10 less' game goes as far as 100.
The '10, 20, 30 less' game goes as far as 130.

Top Tip: Why not get your children to sit with a number square to help them answer the ones that they find tricky.

Have fun!

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