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Tug of War

A 2-player game, sharing one tablet device

This game practices two core numeracy themes that are a common worry for children and adults.
1. Mental addition bridging through 10.
2. Times tables fluency.


  1. Sit with a friend sharing one tablet device between two.
  2. Choose your game, addition or times tables.
  3. You have 2 minutes to answer as many questions as you can.
  4. If there is no clear winner after 2 minutes a draw is declared.
  5. You get different questions to your opponent.
  6. Correct answers move the rope towards you. (You will hear the rope stretch and creak).
  7. Wrong answers move the rope a little towards your opponent. (No sound for this).
  8. The winner is the person to get the blue centre marker into their end. (Behind their maths question text).
  9. The time that is left is shown on blue centre marker, it's a shiny white bar that keeps getting smaller.

Have fun!

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