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What's Missing?

Read the words on the list, what's missing?


  1. This game supports children working at Phase 2 and 3 of Letters and Sounds.
  2. If you're using Phase 2 just press the button for the appropriate set of sounds.
  3. If you're working at Phase 3 then choose 2 or more sets of sounds.
  4. Once you have enough pictures to run the game the 'go' button will appear.
  5. Read the list. Use sound-talk to identify and blend the sounds.
  6. Read each word to a partner.
  7. Once you've read all of the words press on the pencil to see the objects.
  8. One object is missing, which one is it?
  9. You can keep playing for as long as you wish, there is no score or timer.

NB: There are 140+ images in this game, (it took me ages!!). The words we normally use for these sounds have relatively few nouns/objects that could be drawn. I know how hard it is to find suitable objects to run these activities so I thought it would be worth spending the time to draw them. However it took so long that I could not complete Phse 4 and 5. I'm happy to later if you want to drop me a line and request it?

Have fun!

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