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Writing Runway

Read, remember and write sentences from Letters & Sounds


  1. Decide which phase you want to play.
  2. Read the sentence three times.
  3. Press the 'hide' button.
  4. Write the sentence using the cockpit buttons.
  5. Get the children to write the sentence on their drywipes.
  6. Read your writing to check that it makes sense.
  7. Press the 'check' button to see if you're right.
  8. If you want to read it again press the 'x' button on the RHS.
  9. If you don't like the sentence press the phase button at the top for another sentence.
  10. You can type your own sentences too!

The sentence lists for this game are taken from Letters & Sounds.

Phase 3 has 40 sentences.
Phase 4 has 24 sentences.
Phase 5 has 38 sentences.

Have fun!

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