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Practise addition, doubles and subtraction.

  1. Teachers may wish to orient their Interactive Board first.
  2. Choose a start number 101, 201 etc.
  3. It's Orange Team against Blues.
  4. Look at the dark semi-circle at the bottom of the screen. If it has an orange edge it's Orange team's go...
  5. Throwing your darts: Press, pull down and release inside the dark semi-circle.
  6. If needed there's an 'easy-aim' mode, select the toggle at the top to switch it on/off.
  7. Clicking on the thrown darts adds the score to the calculation blackboard.
  8. You can do this one at a time or after you've thrown all of the darts. (At the end of the game you may need to only use one or two darts; in which case you can collect the darts early.)
  9. Enter your total and then subtract it from your start number. The winner is the first to exactly zero.
  10. If you collect too many you'll go 'bust' and miss that round.
  11. Why not give the children drywipe boards so that they can all participate.
NB: There is a quirk in this game... In real-life the darts would fall to the ground if they hit the wire. Not in this game. However a canny player may wish to click on the side of the dart that they'd prefer. There's a 4 pixel diameter zone around the centre of the dart in which all selections will be accepted.

Have fun!

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