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Pencil Cricket

Keep score in a cricket match.

Learning objectives:

  • Year 2: Add numbers ... mentally, including a two-digit number and ones
  • Year 2: Read and write numbers to at least 100 in numerals [and in words]
  • Year 3: Pupils read digital 12-hour clocks.


  1. Press F11 if you would like Full Screen view.
  2. You are rolling 2 pencils to play cricket.
  3. One pencil for the batter's score and one for the bowler.
  4. Score as many runs as you can before your 3 batters are all out.
  5. As you score your runs add them to the running total.
  6. If you roll 'Owzthat!' then the bowler will roll their pencil to decide your fate.
  7. When you team is all out note down your score and let a friend play to see who scores the highest.
  8. Teachers: You can play this with pencils too. Why not print-out the 3D nets so you can model to your class?
  9. Extension: When using real pencils, why not keep a score for each batter and then use vertical addition to add totals at the end?
For Dad. This is a game I played with my Dad when I was little.

Have fun!

3D net
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