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ictgames uses non-personalised Ads
Each advert is locked to showing non-personalised ads. As is standard we must ask for permission to use personalised ads but do not use them. Without Google advertising (AdSense) ictgames would not be free to play.

Features of the advertising used:

The Children's Online Privacy Protection Act
The Children's Online Privacy Protection Act sets out rules for how a website aimed at children below the age of 13 should behave. is declared as a child-focussed site with Google under The Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA). This means that no user data is stored in the cookies whilst you are visiting our site. These cookies are anonymous and we cannot read the information they contain.
What is GDPR?
The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) governs how we handle any personalised data which we collect, guaranteeing transparency and among other things 'the right to be forgotten'. The GDPR affects European and non-European businesses using online advertising and measurement solutions when their sites and apps are accessed by users in the European Economic Area

How does ictgames comply with GDPR?

Who provides the advertising?
All of our advertising is provided by Google Adsense. Google Adsense uses anonymous cookies to direct appropriate advertising to our website.These cookies do not allow us to identify you or how you as an individual use ictgames. Whilst we do not use personalised advertising, users may adjust their settings by visiting Ads Settings.
What information do we hold?
We do not collect any data about those using this website.
In the interest of Safeguarding, if we receive an email from a child we do not respond and that email is deleted. If we receive an email from an adult we will aim to respond within the week.