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Writing Repeater

A handwriting demonstration tool

This tool lets you replay your handwriting and stores it for later.

Handy hints:

  • I found this a great tool for after lunch calm down handwriting. I like to put on acoustic guitar music, (Rene Aubry or Søren Bødker Madsen are great).
  • It works on tablets, prop them up and give the children their handwriting books.
  • It allows the teacher to walk around the room and watch the children as they work, giving feedback.
  • Please note, words only save on the device you are using.
  • Save a set of words during lunch so that you're ready when class begins.
  • Why not model digit formation in Reception / Year 1.
  • Morning routine: Why not leave it running on your IWB as the children come in?

Have fun!

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